Upcoming Shows



Since 2005, Piano Brew has played in hundreds of venues around the Milwaukee metro area and beyond. From the Milwaukee Art Museum to the Harley Museum, from the Pfister to the Iron Horse, and dozens of country clubs and event venues. We've played at festivals and corporate events with more than 1,000 people, to large weddings and private events with a few dozen people. We bring music to you that suits your audience and your event.



  • december 1 - private event, MKE

  • december 7 - private event, MKE

  • december 8 - Foundation Fundraising event, MKE

  • december 15 - private event, brookfield

  • december 31 - new year’s eve celebration at terrace 167, richmond


  • january 11 - private event, mke

  • january 19 - private event, sheboygan

  • january 25 - private event, mke

  • february 2 - private event, mke

  • february 16 - private event, sheboygan

  • march 2 - private event, brookfield

We needed four hours of music from cocktails, to dinner music, to dance music. We thought we’d need three different bands. Turned out we just needed one really good one! Thank you!